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Emotional Stress

Life has a habit of throwing a "curve ball" sometimes, and using a combination of counselling with homeopathy people experience fast and permanent results.  By talking through and unpicking events in your life, we can find blocks, stresses, anxieties that can feel overwhelming - problems that seem to have no way out.  Homeopathy works to alleviate and "heal" mental scars, which results in clarity and a feeling of being back in control, able to make a way forward.

I work with you, at a pace that suits you, so we can agree a way of moving forward using homeopathy to release emotions and move away blocks.  This allows the mind and emotions to be free to resolve sometimes long standing issues.

This can be  caused by old trauma, childhood issues, more recent stressful events, life changes such as loss of job, or a break-up of a relationship, or worries and concerns about family or changes in living circumstances.  Sometimes, people suffer with generalised anxiety, and this can be helped too.

Common conditions seen:
  • Loss & bereavement

  • Panic Attacks / Stress / Anxiety

  • Lack of Confidence

  • Shock / trauma

  • Grief / Guilt

  • Low mood / mood swings


You should always contact your medical professional if you feel concerned about your symptoms. You should never stop any prescribed meditation without consulting your doctor.  Because homeopathy works in a different way, addressing the underlying cause - I can work alongside any meditation.  Once you begin to feel better, you can discuss reducing medication with your doctor who will ensure this is done safely.


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