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So often a time of dread - a definite reminder that we are getting older, a time of change over which we have no control.  Women can have horrible associations of being the miserable old crone, invisible, feeling of loss of youth, being the butt of bad jokes.  It all feel very negative!

Actually, it is a time of freedom and joy.  The hormones which have influenced our lives for so long are receding - our inner selves, the real us is about to blossom and bring us into a time of wisdom and balance.  In many societies, this is the age of the wise women - full of experience and able to use their understanding to advise and support others.

The transition from a healthy pre-menopausal state to a healthy post-menopausal balance can be one of chaos causing symptoms. But, if you can keep the hormones in relative balance through the transition, any symptoms should be non-disruptive.  You do not need to suffer, for example, you may experience warmth or changes in body temperature for a minute to two from time to time, but you should not have hot sweats that make you feel unwell or affect your work or ability to sleep, 

It is a time of chaos and change, it is not a simple reduction in oestrogen, and using homeopathy I aim to keep the body changing from one state to another with least symptoms possible.

Women come with:
  • Hot flashes / sweats

  • Anxiety

  • Mood swings

  • Sleep problems

  • Heavy bleeding and/or prolonged bleeding

  • Eratic bleeding, not just periods stopping

  • Exhaustion

  • Sudden stopping of HRT medication for health reasons

Homeopathy alongside appropriate supplements, and some herbal preparations are excellent during this time.  Bach and Australian flower essences can be helpful too.  If you think you need some support during this time, remember you do not need to suffer with menopause.  This time in life can be stressful anyway perhaps with parents who need support, children leaving home (or arriving back home!), work, relationships and the planning of the latter part of your life.  You don't need symptoms too!

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