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Plymouth Clinic:


21 Tavistock Road, PL5 3DG

London Clinic:


Gower Street, WC1



Appointments are approximately 1 hour, the charge is £55 which includes all homeopathic remedies dispensed to you at the end of the consultation.  Because of the extra remedies needed for intense fertility treatment, the cost for fertility including both partners is £65.

During the consultation, I will take a detailed medical and personal history which aims to get to the root of the problem, and we go through solutions together to create an individualised treatment plan.  There are over 3000 rmedies available to a homeopath, and as one of our greatest homeopaths once said "there is something for everything" (Rajan Sankaran)

Follow up appointments are approx every 4 weeks, and you should have noticable changes within 2-3 appointments. It will be clearer whether you need further appointments or not.

Homeopathy - General Health


I treat the person, not the disease.  Homeopathy aims towards holistic health and balance, and therefore the specific ailment disappears or becomes much less troublesome

People come with conditions such as:

 Headaches / Migraines



 Digestion / Reflux

 Joint pains


 Menopausal symptoms


These are just examples, if you are unsure as to whether homeopathy may help you - please contact me either by email, text or phone and I will honestly advise you.


I do not diagnose, you should always consult your doctor if you are concerned about any symptoms you are suffering.

Emotional & Life events


Life has a habit of throwing a "curved ball" sometimes, and using a combination of counselling with homeopathy people experience fast and permanent results.  We can agree a way of moving forward using homeopathy to release emotions and move away blocks.  This allows the mind and emotions to be free to resolve sometimes long standing issues.

Common issues people come with are:

Relationship issues

Lack of Confidence


Grief / Guilt

Low mood / mood swings


You should always contact your medical professional if you feel concerned about your symptoms. I can work alongside any medications.  Please contact me if you would like any further details of how I work.

Fertility / Menopause / Hormonal Issues

Although it seems strange putting all these issues under one heading - balancing hormones allows the the body to perform as it should.  I have seen many examples of this:

  • resolve fertility issues

  • menopause runs seamlessly without unpleasant symptoms

  • good healthy cycles (not painful or heavy)

  • It also helps with the mood swings and emotional symptoms that accompany hormonal inbalances.


  Heavy or Painful periods


 low AMH

 Unexplained infertility

 Menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, anxiety, sleep issues