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21 Tavistock Road, PL5 3DG

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Gower Street, WC1


My Books

Menopause: Survive & Thrive

The ultimate self help guide written by myself and colleague Claire Chaubert - both experts in natural hormonal health. Using real life case studies from our clinic, this book will enable you to not only survive, but thrive and find your true power and potential.

It explains the process in detail, which gives you and understanding of how and why things are happening as they are.  It also gives comprehensive information on natural appraoches to the physical and emotional issues surrounding menopause including homeopathy, vitamins and supplements, herbs, diet and exercise, flower essences and the pros and cons of HRT.

This should be the time of your life, and this book will help make that a reality

Ten About Fertility That Could Change Your Life

Using real life case studies from our clinic, this book offers a unique insight into the physical and emotional problems surrounding fertility and IVF.  We have treated hundreds of couples and understand the complex choices and issues.

We take the top ten issues brought to our clinic and offer insight and guidance, as well as real understanding and option.  In our clinic we treat people who present with these problems and using case studies illustrate our approach and treatments.

Covering PCOS, low AMH, Unexplained infertility, male infertility, emotional trauma, stress and miscarriage as well as the many choices surrounding IVF - this book inspired the series title of "I Wish I'd Known Earlier ..." which is one of the most common phrases we here from clients.