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A bit more about treatment and homeopathy....
Physical Problems / Recurrent Illness / Run Down


When people come to see me, they often describe having symptoms that are being kept at bay by their doctor, or the medication doctors can give aren't really taking away or controlling the symptoms as well as they would like. 


A common example of this would be eczema, where doctors typically prescribe an emollient (to make the skin less dry and feel easier) and steroid cream (which suppresses the eczema symptoms to some extent). I have observed cases where the creams no longer seem to be as effective as the patient would like, or they would like to try to control their eczema without steroid creams if possible.


Everyone of us will have a weakness or "tendency to something", when we become tired, stressed or upset.  It can often be skin or digestion, although for some people that tendency can be to get sore throats, headaches, coughs and colds. Sometimes, when you have had a really nasty virus such as glandular fever, the body seems to hold a weakness - some people have never felt that they have fully got over these, and even years later when under stress can feel the symptoms come back.  Constitutional treatment with homeopathy is aimed at strengthening the body so it can fully recover.


Sometimes, especially at certain times of the year, we can feel exhausted or feel the effects of the shortening days and colder days in winter.  Very often, a good rest or holiday will be sufficient, but when the body gets very run down or feels unable to cope at change of seasons, again constitutional treatment is designed to get the body to feel much better. 

Emotional & Life Events
"I was really low and depressed, two close relatives had recently died, unexpectedly, and I was struggling with young children while my husband was away working - everything felt out of control. I didn't know what to do. My friend recommended I see Anne, and although I couldn't see what could make me feel any better, was amazed at soon being able to feel calm, in control and enjoy life again". Ms LB, Plymouth


At some point in their lives, many people suffer mentally and emotionally, and often will benefit from outside help. Some people have suffered loss from bereavement, a shock or trauma, divorce, redundancy or coming to terms with life changes such as coping with babies and small children, or "empty nest syndrome". Some events are easier to spot such as childhood issues or abuse or self esteem currently being suffered. Although particular events may be common - individually they can be devastating.


The upsetting emotions often can be responsible for causing stressful physical symptoms and it is often once the emotional problems become physical that people look for help. I believe that the source of the physical symptoms must be properly addressed as well as the distressing physical symptoms relieved in order for complete health to be experienced.  Commonly these may be IBS, migraines, panic attacks, eczema or even viral illnesses.  Panic attacks can be devastating, when overwhelming fear can stop people being able to live a normal life. Everyone has a "natural" area of weakness, be that skin, respiratory, digestive etc, and when the body can't balance it may well affect that physical area.


Emotionally the mind is attempting to dissipate the angst or imbalane, sometimes as described above through physical symptoms, sometimes by closing down and drifting into a depression.


Mental and emotional problems can have a huge impact not only on how the individual feels and enjoys their life, but also have an impact on relationshps, how women feel as mothers, how you feel at work, self confidence, anger issues, panic attacks, fears and anxiety. Sometimes this has come from a particular cause such as a known trauma, sometimes it can just be a build up of many things that need to be uncovered during the consultation


The fix is always to trace the reason or reasons where the emotions and mind have become stuck, discuss these to allow the mind to contextualise them differently and give an appropriate homeopathic remedy.  This allows the mind to find it much easier to feel more balanced.  People always feel much more in control, events such as bereavement feel manageable, they feel lighter and the future now feels somewhere more positive.

Hormonal Problems, Fertility Issues



I often see women who thought they had no choice but to put up with heavy or painful periods.  Doctors may have recommended the pill which stops the natural cycle and will have a withdrawal bleed when not taking the pill, not a proper period.  By stopping the natural hormonal cycle, the woman may have less pain or less bleed (but not always!) but then may have symptoms from the pill such as weight gain, mood swings, spots, fatigue or a feeling of not feeling great.


Obviously not all women have problems being on the pill - which is perfectly fine.  I see those who feel that being on the pill is awful, but not being on the pill is also awful!  I use homeopathy as this is intended to  re-balance the body and therefore re-balance natural hormones. By tracking the monthly cycle, and taking note of any changes of physical problems it is clear whether this approach is useful for that individual, for example periods being less painful and less heavy. 


Similarly, many women think they have to suffer horrible menopausal symptoms. Hot flushes, feeling tired, depressed, panic, constant bleeding or flooding are all common. The good news is there is such a thing as a good quick happy menopause. If hormones are well balanced, the transition should be fairly quick, and the symptoms very easy to tolerate and not distressing or interrupt your life.  Menopause is a complex picture and can be difficult time emotionally and life transition. This side is often overlooked, and taking this opportunity to take a fresh look at life can be inspirational.


I have seen dozens of women who have been diagnosed with conditions of PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) which can be controlled, but not fixed with medication.  At the time of writing, every person who has come to me with PCOS has had scans done after treatment which has shown there are no more cysts, and they have regular periods and those wishing to have become pregnant.


I run a specialist fertility in London with a colleague.  We began this clinic as we found many woman were suffering from hormonal imbalances, problem cycles, and infertility.  So many times clients said "I wish I'd known about this earlier ..." (and in some cases many years before). They became an inspiration for our book.

What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the treatment of a patient as an individual. Established over 200 years ago, it is one of the two most widely used forms of medicine in the world today. It works by stimulating the body to clear disease rather than just hide the symptoms. There are over 3000 remedies available, and during the consultation I will ask questions which will enable us to sort out a treatment plan and choose the approprate remedy combinations for each individual.


The remedies are made by homeopathic pharmacies from natural substances into small white pleasant tasting pills. Remedies are safe, have no toxic effects and are non addictive. At Plymouth Homeopathy, I use the best quality remedies.

The philosophy of homeopathy is to re-balance the body enabling it to work as it should - therefore without debilitating or distressing symptoms, improving it constitutionally. It has been likened to pushing the "re-set" button on a computer to get things working correctly!

How Does Homeopathy Work for Me?


Every person experiences ill health differently, for example two people with, say, hot flushes or polycystic ovarian syndrome may have very individual symptoms. Homeopathy takes this into account and individualises treatment. Rather than there being one remedy to treat a particular problem, there are many hundreds of possible remedies from which to choose, depending upon the whole individual.


During the consultation, an individual picture of each person and their particular circumstances and symptoms are built up - an individual treatment plan is agreed between us.

Remedies are made from a huge variety of materials including minerals, plants and animal sources.

There are over 3000 remedies currently in use, with more being added all the time. Remedies are tested on healthy individuals first, and have no toxic effects


Homeopathy may be used for patients of all ages, from babies and children, to adults, and the elderly.