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Plymouth Clinic:


21 Tavistock Road, PL5 3DG

London Clinic:


Gower Street, WC1



I have now been using homeopathy for 17 years, and am still in awe of it's capability for enabling physical and emotional health. I set up Plymouth Homeopathy with the aim to help others even if they are sceptical. With counselling techniques it also has great ability to help with future lifestyle change, whether due to current difficulties or just expanding horizons.


I went to college in London for 3 years doing my final clinic year in Exeter.  Since then I have worked with hundreds of clients who like me may not believe in homeopathy, but ended up completely transformed by it.  I worked for 6 years in a multi-disciplinary natural health and healing clinic, and have experience of many different therapies and how they can be integrated into treatment.


As well as working as a therapist at Plymouth Homeopathy, I have found supporting work with yoga & meditation to be a complete way of living well.


In my work I also apply hypnotherapy/relaxation techniques to allow forms of tapping into the unconscious mind which can help identify and clear blocks. I also love using homeopathy to help people development their life path and future journey.


Fertility work has become an important part of my work at Plymouth Homeopathy.  I find it fascinating, as people cannot be a little bit pregnant, and so the effectiveness of homeopathy is measurable!  Most who come to us definitely dont believe in our work over the conventional treatment and often they have been trying IVF or involved with fertility treatment in one form or another for many years, believing that is their only hope. Once this hasn't worked, all hopes disappear.


Together with a colleague I run a specialised fertilty clinic in London, where we see many people who have very often reached the end of their hopes as they have been told there is nothing more than can be done for them. We have shown this to be untrue, simply that there was nothing more that conventional medicine could do. By tapping into the body's natural ability to balance, they have become pregnant.


Before becoming a homeopath and running Plymouth Homeopathy, I was a qualified lecturer teaching psychology and counselling at university.  The joy of teaching, which is just enabling people to learn, comes to life everyday in my clinic room as people understand more about themselves and how to get the best from their lives.  I also do this in small group teaching using various techniques such as meditations and introspection.

About Me



I became involved in homeopathy after seeing it work for my very young daughter, when other things didnt.  She was ill following meningitis and encephalitis at 2 years old. Her symptoms were recurrent infections and sickness, she was losing weight and generally failing to thrive.


A friend recommended homeopathic treatment, and although I really didn't believe in alternate medicine, I was at the end of my tether and felt conventional medicine wasn't giving me any options. I trusted my friend and decided to give it a go, but to be honest really didnt think it would do anything at all.  It proved a turning point in her health.